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Support Person, Visitor Policy 8/14/2020



Support Person / Visitor Policy:  

  1. All support people must be asymptomatic. 
  2. There is to be no support person, nor visitor, in Triage (an Out-Patient Facility). However, if the patient is obviously in labor or is obviously going to be admitted to CWN they are allowed a support person in Triage (the designation for “obviously in labor or going to be admitted” is the presence of an admission order). Any patient with a demise is allowed a support person at all times. 
  3. For antenatal patients, policy is the same as the rest of the hospital: one visitor per day (ideally for no more than 2 hours during regular visitor hours.  
  4. Two support people for patients on Labor and Delivery is allowed if approved using the standard application process at least two weeks before delivery (this process has been communicated to all Obstetric providers and has a standard form that is sent to both Nora Scharf and Julian Robinson and if approved, added to a list held by the NICs and Security)
  5. If the patient is COVID+, one asymptomatic support person will be permitted to accompany the patient throughout the labor, birth, and postpartum hospitalization: that person should practice a “chained to the patient bed” policy i.e. stay in the patient’s room at all times. No usual access to common spaces in the department. 
  6. If a Covid 19 positive /PUI patient has a caesarean delivery one support person will be allowed to go to the Operating Room
  7. Post-partum patients may have their support person visit and stay


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