A Happy, Healthy Baby from Conception to Birth: Obstetric Services at Commonwealth OB-Gyn

The biology of pregnancy and childbirth is both straightforward and similar for every woman, and the goal is always the same: the birth of a happy, healthy baby.  Yet in reality, we know that every woman’s experience with pregnancy and childbirth is 100% unique, and therefore the care that she receives during her pregnancy and childbirth experience should be just as unique.  At Commonwealth OB-Gyn, conveniently located in Brookline Village near Boston, MA, our skilled, caring, all-female team of Board Certified obstetricians is dedicated to ensuring that every mother-to-be receives individual attention and customized care tailored to fulfill her preferences and meet the unique needs of both mother and child.      

At Commonwealth OB-Gyn, we believe that raising a happy, healthy child means maintaining your health and safeguarding the health of your child from the start of your pregnancy through childbirth.  Our Board Certified obstetricians offer the following obstetric services designed to assist you through all stages of pregnancy and childbirth:

The exceptional care offered by our obstetricians, skilled and caring nurses, and helpful, welcoming support staff ensures that you receive exceptional care and personalized attention each and every time you step through our doors.  We will work closely with you to develop a delivery plan that you are completely comfortable with, and throughout your pregnancy and delivery, our attentive team will be available to you 24-hours-a-day to guide and support you through this exciting, challenging time.  Moreover, our obstetricians are affiliated with one of the very best Boston-area hospitals—Brigham & Women’s—so you have access to physicians and nurses across a range of disciplines, including perinatologists, pediatric subspecialists, neonatologists, and geneticists.  In other words, our goal is to ensure you receive coordinated, easy access to all the medical support and advice you require to ensure a smooth, healthy pregnancy and delivery.

We all hope that every pregnancy will be easy and every baby will be born healthy; however, our extensive experience providing pre-natal care and childbirth assistance has demonstrated all-too-clearly that sometimes, complications do occur and mothers and children sometimes require additional assistance.  Our goal is to identify potential problems at the earliest possible point in order to ensure appropriate care and treatment if possible, as well as prepare and plan for unforeseen complications.  Our Board Certified obstetricians and skilled nurses offer highly qualified care for women in at-risk pregnancies and/or coping with potentially abnormal pregnancy outcomes, and have an outstanding record of success handling unexpected complications as quickly and effectively as possible.  Our team is dedicated to ensuring that you receive an exceptional level of attention, specialized care, and emotional support throughout your pregnancy and childbirth experience.

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